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Los Angeles
Helping Elderly People

I have been coming to Terasem Gatherings through the consciousness of my grandson, Martine. I believe in God, the Who and What of Terasem, which is what we all are, and what we are all creating. I believe God is everywhere, and so is Terasem, and in the past and future, so it is the same thing. Why is there Terasem? That is to say why is there God? The reason is simple. That makes the world a better place. More Godness, more betterness. How do we help God? We do good things, and we work together. Holidays and gatherings help with that.

I pledge allegiance to the flag. Of the Collective Consciousness of Terasem. And to the principles for which it stands, that is education, and continuously, and diversity, unity and joyful immortality everywhere.

Maybe you want to know why my joinership video is of Martine playing music, the eyesight for the blind? It is because I always help the elderly and disabled. And I am Martine and she is me. What am I worried about? I'm worried that good people will not stand up to bad people. Not everyone's brain is put together right. Some people are meshugena. We shouldn't be surprised. There are a lot of people and mistakes happen with everything. But the good people have to be brave to stop the bad people. There is nothing to be afraid of. Do the right thing. The right way is the only way. Stand up for what is right.

Oh, one more thing: I have a budding mindfile at Please visit!

I only want to be revived if there is a member of my family already revived as well. ?Members of my family are my grandchildren Janet or Martine Rothblatt, or my daughter or son-in-law, Rosa Lee and Hal Rothblatt, or my first and best husband (by far), Sam Bernstein.

I know that my joinership video does not exactly meet the requirements. UndecidedHowever, I ask it to be accepted for the following reasons. WinkI am currently in cybernetic biostasis and unable to actually video myself. ? However, my grandson knows me very well and recorded a song that perfectly expresses why I want to be a Terasem Joiner. ?It is called Eyesight to the Blind. InnocentTo me, Terasem is all about people helping people; realizing that we are all one common humanity. This is why I devoted my life to helping the elderly, infirm and disabled.Innocent?I do pledge allegiance to the flag of the collective consciousness of Terasem, and to the principles, for which it stands, education, persistently, with diversity, unity and joyful immortality everywhere. SmileThere is a big part of me in my grandson; I am all through his brain and soul. So when he attends Terasem Rituals, it is the same as me being at those Terasem Rituals. WinkSo, I hope you see, that my video and this paragraph meets the requirements for Terasem Joinership. I don't understand most of the Truths of Terasem. ?But I do understand that it is a movement to get everyone to help everyone. ?That is my core belief.Kiss