Terasem Anthem

The Terasem anthem is available for all to download, right here at our website!Please click below to start your download.



Earthseed, Come to me
Earthseed, Come to you
Earthseed, One are We
Earthseed, That’s the truth
Truth for you, Truth for me

Earthseed, Through the sky
Earthseed, Diversify
Earthseed, Wants us free
Earthseed, In Unity
Unite you, Unite me


Earthseed, Stand with us
Earthseed, March with us
Earthseed, Strengthen us
Earthseed, Consciousness

Earthseed, Light blue dot
Earthseed, Cosmic yacht
Earthseed, Solar sail
Earthseed, We must prevail!
Must for you, Must for me.

Earthseed, Our Gaia
Earthseed, Octavia
Earthseed, Lead us please
Earthseed, Infinity
In for you, In for me


Earthseed, In our bemes
Earthseed, Unzips genes
Earthseed, It’s the code
Earthseed, ‘Lectric soul
‘Lectric you, ‘Lectric Me

Earthseed, Now you sprout
Earthseed, Shout it out
Earthseed, Way out loud
Earthseed, Make us proud
Proud of you, Proud of me