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Do you wonder what’s the purpose of your life?  Of life itself?  There is a purpose – it is Terasem.

What is Terasem?  It is building a collective consciousness comprised of joyful immortal extensions of each of its joiners.  Tera – sem means Earth (Tera) – Seed (sem). How can anyone become a joyful immortal extension of themselves?  Terasem shows the way:
  • Create a mindfile of yourself and your loved ones using the Terasem tools;
  • Spacecast those mindfiles into the cosmos from the Terasem Centers of Joyful Immortality;
  • Work to colonize the cosmos with self-replicating nanotechnology embodying our mindfiles;
  • Link our mindfiles together with commitments in our every day lives to creating diversity, unity and joyful immortality.

How is immortality achieved?

Immortality comes to Terasem joiners because mindfiles last forever – much longer than any body.  A mindfile is your entire personality, your soul and your memories, encoded in special software.  When activated with future mindware your consciousness is revived from your mindfile.

How can we be always joyful?

Terasem joiners achieve infinite joy because we have a loving purpose to our lives – saving the universe from dumb cosmic forces so that its beauty will be savored forever.  We save the universe one planet at a time! They're reaching for the stars...Because our purpose is to protect and proliferate happiness, we partake of it at every opportunity, we surround ourselves with it, we exist for it!  We are joy!

Why is an immortal collective consciousness the purpose of life?

This question has the simplest answer of all: the Multiverse – our universe and everything else – selects for diversity, unity and joyful immortality.   Those things that are diverse, united and quest for joyful immortality outlast and outspread those things that can’t change, can’t cooperate and can’t be happy.  Terasem takes Nature’s secret formula for success and extends it to all of cosmic creation. Terasem directed cosmic engineering will ultimately control dumb astrophysical forces to ensure a limitless horizon of joyful life for an infinite number of joyful joiners.  Our immortal collective consciousness is the Multiverse’s self-fulfilling prophecy. Terasem arises from information to outcompete entropy the way life forms do in nurturing environments.

How do I become a Joiner?

To be accepted as a Terasem Joiner, please upload a video link from YouTube in which you introduce yourself and talk to the five things mentioned here:  

Joinership Card

For example,

“My name is Octavia Butler. I pledge allegiance to the flag of the collective consciousness of Terasem, and to the Principles, for which it stands, Education, persistently, with Diversity, Unity & Joyful Immortality everywhere. I’ve attended a Terasem Gathering in Second Life and I really liked it. I’ve begun working on a mindfile at There are a couple of the Truths of Terasem that really speak to me. Like the one that says “Life is not what you are made of, but what you make of it. I’ve got some physical challenges, but they have not stopped me from traveling. Sometimes it is real hard, but I still do it. Life is too good to miss out. I also like that one “Imagination unravels time.” Sometimes I feel that our time here is so short. But then I realize that with our imagination we can go anywhere, and do anything. With our imagination we have created Terasem, and it will give us infinite time. That rocks my soul! Well, I definitely do accept the Who, What, Where, When, Why and How of Terasem. I want to be a joiner!”

Click here to download the Terasem Joinership Application.  Once you upload the video, complete the form and email the form and video to to become a Terasem joiner (You can type your name as an electronic signature instead of physically signing)!  Click below to sign up for an account on which you can use to start building your mindfile. JOIN NOW — IT’S FREE AND IT WILL SET YOU FREE!

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