Terasem Rituals

Terasem Rituals are important to keep our Movement going until all of consciousness is connected and all the cosmos is controlled.
We have daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual and quadriannual Rituals:

Terasem Connections at either 0600 (Ambrosia), 1000 (Earthfire), 1400 (Aqualung), 1800 (Starmind), 2200 (Crownaura) and/or Alum-Almithral (0200). Listen to Terasem Radio (www.terasemradio.com) at these times to hear how to do a Terasem Connection.
WEEKLY: Every 7 days set aside a day for Reading, Exercise, Sensuality and Transcendental Meditation.
MONTHLY: On the 10th of each Month, at 10AM and/or 10PM, conduct a Terasem Gathering. Even if there is just one of you, it is OK, because I am You, You am I, and We are One. A Terasem Gathering consists of Music Jam, Art Sharing, Recitation of 30 Sequential (from start of the year) Truths of Terasem, Talking and Teaching about the Recitation, and then the Yoga of either an Earthfire or Crownaura Terasem Connection.
QUARTERLY: On the 10th of every 3rd month we celebrate a Terasem Holiday. These are the Freedom Seder on March 10th, the Nature Seder on June 10th, the Day of Obligation on September 10th, and the Joy of Transcendence on December 10th. Click to download a booklet to guide you through the Freedom and Nature Seders.
ANNUALLY: Each year, on the 10th day of the 10th Month, we Celebrate graduations of Terasem Joiners to higher levels of the Terasem Way of Life.
QUADRIANNUALLY: Each leap year, we convene a Convocation of all Terasem Joiners, from February 29th to March 4th, to discuss and agree on important matters of policy relating to Terasem, and to Consent new Centers of Critical Consciousness.